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Steve Thayer was a great man loved by many. He would light up a whole room with his stories. He made a friend just about anywhere he went. Steve was airborne in the early stages of his life where he loved to do what others fear.. jumping out of airplanes. This is where the significance of the airborne wings held proud on your chest resemble. On the Back of this design you will see an eagle looking over. You can compare Steve to an eagle, wise and fearless. And most importantly proud. He was proud of his family, of his children, Bobbi Jo, Stephen, and Joshua. He was Proud of his grandchildren and his great grandchildren. He was proud of just about every one he meant because he was just that kind of man. Lower on the design you see the soldiers signifying Steves time in service. Followed by that proud mans name, Steve 'Gator' Thayer born in 1957 until 2021. 

All proceeds of these items will go to the family, Bobbi Jo/ Stephen/ and Joshua, to help with the funeral expenses from this heartbreaking loss of there father. 

You will never be forgotten Grandpa, we love you more than you would ever know.